Contura logo and link to their website

The Contura stove brand is part of the Nibe AB group. Nibe Stoves is Sweden’s biggest manufacturer of wood burning stoves and Europe’s leading wood burning stove manufacturer. Its mission statement is to supply the market with space heating solutions for indoor areas in the form of wood burning stoves and chimney systems that are both environmentally friendly and efficient. Their wood burning stoves have been environmentally certified for many years in order to minimize the harmful impact on the environment and fulfil the requirements that are considerably more stringent than the European regulations for efficiency, safety and low emissions.

Today, wood burning is a long way from being an inefficient way of heating a house. Therefore, they believe it is important that stoves have clean discharges. This aim drives their development forwards and large resources are committed to continuously developing better and more efficient stoves. Through technological development and certification, they hold their position as Europe’s leading wood burning stove manufacturer.

We have 44 woodburning stoves in our Contura range. We have broken these down into the categories below for ease of access.

New i31/i41 - 2 stoves

Freestanding stoves - 19 stoves

Soapstone stoves - 15 stoves

Tiled stoves - 4 stoves

Cast-iron stoves - 4 stoves