Contura stoves

New Contura Stoves

Do you want a fireplace with the feeling of an open fire? With the new i31 and i41 you can have both an exclusive fireplace in stone and an energy saving heat source in one. You can choose whether you want a straight (i31) or angled (i41) door, and which of the surroundings in sandstone, soapstone or Contura artsone works best in your home. You can also add a bench with log storage and decorative details in black granite.

Contura artstone is a white cast stone. The sandstone is walnut brown with unique veining in each unit. The heat-retaining soapstone has a natural pattern.

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Image and link to more info on the Contura i31 woodburning stove


Image and link to more info on the Contura i41 woodburning stove