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Smarty Concrete


Image showing the Nordpeis Smarty Concrete woodburning stoveTo add a more modern twist to your home, the Smarty Concrete wood burning stove is the perfect choice. With subtly curving lines, retro style and a chrome handle, the 70s inspired wood burning stove incorporates elegant concrete legs.

Offering a heat output of up to 5kW, this distinctively designed wood burning stove has a generous window that enables you to enjoy the stunning view of the flames.

A refreshing retro stove!

1. Airwash & cleanburn system

2. Optional external air kit

Nordpeis stoves



Heat output: 5kW

Efficiency: 81.2%

Width: 490mm

Height: 960mm

Depth: 415mm

Weight: 170kg

Wood log length: 300mm

Flue location: top or rear

Flue diameter: 150mm

Image showing the dimensions of the Smarty Concrete stove