Varde Ovne stoves

Varde Ovne Aura 2


Image showing the Varde Ovne Aura 2 woodburning stoveThe Aura 2 wood burning stove is designed with a wider front, providing more space in the log storage chamber under the stove and an excellent view of the flames.

The Aura wood burning range features high-quality cast iron doors, top plate, grate and base, alongside integrated log store and options for both top and rear exit

1. Cleanburn system

2. Airwash clear glass

3. Carbon neutral energy

4. High quality cast iron doors

5. Top plate

6. Grate and base

7. Log store

8. Integrated ash pan

9. Large capacity

10. Handles ergonomically designed

Varde Ovne stoves


Heat output: 5kW

Efficiency: 78%

Width: 500mm (B)

Height: 1000mm (A)

Depth: 430mm (C)

Weight: 101kg

Flue: top and rear

Centre of rear flue to bottom: 830mm (D)

Rear edge to centre of flue: 165mm (E)

Fitting height top: 970mm (F)

Image showing the dimensions of the Aura 2