Vermont stoves

Vermont Aspen II multi-fuel stove


Image showing the Vermont Aspen 2 multi-fuel stoveThe Aspen II Multifuel stove features clean lines making it ideal for more modern homes. Fuel can be loaded through the top casting for convenience and also through the main front door.

The door glass is infrared coated ceramic glass to protect it from discolouration. Thermostatic operation will give the best efficiency from the fuel.

1. Top and front loading

2. Infrared coated ceramic glass

3. Automatic thermostatic operation

4. Large ashpan

5. Riddling grate


Vermont stoves


Fuel: wood and multi-fuel

Maximum heat output: 5.8kW

Efficiency: 66%

Width: 411mm

Height: 557mm

Depth: 486mm

Weight: 70kg

Flue diameter: 150mm

Max log size: 405mm (burn time of upto 3 hours)

Flue location: top or rear