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Wanders Oriana multi-fuel stove


Image showing the Wanders Oriana multi-fuel stoveThe Oriana is designed to be built into your fireplace and is equipped with air circulation fans, which can be used to boost the heat output into your room. You can choose from either a flat or curved fronted glass door, both of which are kept clear of sooting up with a preheated airwash.

For a more unusual feature, the Oriana an also be supplied with either the left or rght hand sides as additional windows, or front and both sides glazed, making it a trilateral insert. The side windows are also equipped with a preheated airwash. All of these options are supplied with a three sided frame to complete your fireplace.

Oriana versions

Image showing the different versions of the Oriana

Wanders stoves


Fuel: wood and solid fuel

Maximum heat output: 7kW

Min/Max output: 2/10kW

Efficiency: 72%

CO2: 9.1%

Weight: 85kg

Max log length: 450mm

Flue diameter: 150mm

Flue location: top

Images showing the dimensions for the different versions of the Oriana
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  1. Flat
  2. Curved
  3. Left/right side glass
  4. Trilateral